Through the observation of form, color and growth in the natural world, in the working of the garden and stewardship of woodlands and stream, dynamic movements are revealed. All that is presented here, the cycles of plants, the breaking down of minerals, animal migrations and the coming and going of the seasons present a multitude of ordered and ever changing relationships that form the conceptual ground and organize the visual language.
Materials such as milkweed pods, the flying propellers of the maple seed or the roots of fallen trees are some of the many forms that arise in my work. A witness to the habits of local animals or changes in weather make visible what at first may not be seen, but is revealed. Bound together all these impressions coalesce in an energetic sensation that tells a story of connection, relationships and movement.  
My work is an interpretation of that experience, not a direct rendering or actual description, but a process that is intuitive and carries within it a sense of place. Observations are presented in a non-direct way in an effort to reveal what can be called the un-seen. Discovering the miraculous in the common, to tell the story behind the story, and make the inherent connections with our own human striving.

"The sublime happens anywhere, once the film of familiarity is lifted or pierced"-Malcolm Andrews

Work is primarily executed in oil paint, and fiber collage. My back-ground in fiber arts and its rich surface textures are woven into the works' narrative. Individual components of form are re-mixed and organized to bring both a new composition of dynamic movement and color realities found in the natural environment. Each textual element vibrates with its own history, cloth that has been re-purposed serves as a distilled mark of human willing. In the making of art in the studio meaning is born out and process is an act of uncovering.